CX Day celebrates the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen.
It’s an opportunity to recognize great customer work, discover professional development opportunities, and strengthen professional networks. Join us!

What does CX Day have to offer?

Heart for Customer Experience

Where is your heart in the business? Are your employees engaged? Are you obsessed with your customers? This is the age of the customer, and customer experience is critical. This short video offers just some of the numerous statistics that demonstrate the importance of a strong company culture that embraces customer experience.

CX Day Gallery

We love to see the different ways everyone around the globe celebrates CX Day! To gear up for CX Day 2019, download the I Heart Customers logo HERE and send us a photo! Maybe you’ll make it to the CX Day 2019 #iheartcustomers gallery!

CX Day 2018 by the Numbers:

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“The day was part of a larger company-wide effort to acknowledge individuals who create exceptional experiences for our customers, as well as creating an opportunity for us to discuss what it means to provide great customer service.”
Sheryl Warren

Corporate Vice President
New York Life Insurance Company

“Every company (and employee) should embrace Customer Experience Day. I love CX Day as an excellent way to learn together, moving the CX profession forward in common understanding and new insights through a wide variety of activities.”
Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP

Customer Experience ROI Strategist

“CX Day is our opportunity to get organizations, professionals, providers, and CX supporters around the world to obsess about their customers for a day and heighten awareness overall of the importance and impact of the CX industry!”
Ben London, CCXP

Experience Advisor
Experience Catalysts

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CX Day Event Supporter

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