CXDay is just one of the many ways the CXPA elevates professionals and organizations who put customer experience in the forefront of their operations. One of the reasons CXDay is so important is because it allows CX professionals and CX-focused organizations to pool their resources and empower each other through communication and mutual encouragement. This page contains resources that have been assembled by CXPA and CXDay participants in order to help like-minded organizations manage and promote their own CXDay.

Downloadable Materials


These logos can be used on your CX Day materials to indicate your participation in the international CX Day event and raise awareness of your organization's commitment to the customer experience.

I Heart Customers Logo
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CX Day 2014 Logo
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CX Day Press Release Template

CX Day Powerpoint Slide Template


Report: "State of the CX Profession, 2014"
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Table Tent Cards:

These Table Tent Cards were supplied to us by Wendy Bost at Hallmark, Inc. They are four table tent templates containing insightful statistics and inspiration emphasizing the importance of customer experience to operations.

How to Use:


CX Day Posters generously provided by ICW Group:

CX Day Flyer

Web + Social Media

Blog Post: "5 Reasons Why I Love Customer Experience Day" by Bruce Temkin.
Bruce Temkin's blog post breaks down his five reasons for loving CX Day, and why other CX-focused professionals should, too. Mr. Temkin's blog post is useful in rounding up the variety of ways to participate in CX Day and how to make the most of what the day has to offer. Share the post with your company and on social media so your network can see what CX Day is all about.

Sample Twitter Topics + Tweet Schedule:

The twitter topics and timeline document provides a schedule and talking points for your online promotion of your organization's CX Day. This guideline serves to take care of the planning so you can focus on developing engaging content and building excitement for CX Day. As you tweet, be sure to use #CXDay on your posts so you can participate in the CX Day dialogue.

Suggested Tweets

The text on this line is an example of what the 140 characters allowed in a tweet look like. Please use this as a reference:

I’m participating in #CXday with @CXPA_Assoc. How are you celebrating? #CXPA

For numerous opportunities to network and learn with CX professionals, join us at #CXDay #CXPA

Nominate an outstanding #cx practitioner or provider for a CX Impact Award today! Deadline is 9/19 #CXDay #CXPA

Do you love #cx? Participate in for #CXDay and join the #cx celebration!  #CXPA

This year on #CXDay Oct. 7 Steve Cannon @MercedesBenz discusses  #cx from the C-Suite with @btemkin - join us!

I’m celebrating #CXDay with my company. Are you? Find out how here #CXPA

Over 2,800 Customer Experience Professionals are celebrating #CXDay this year. Are you? Find out how #CXPA

A huge thank you to @confirmit @intradiem @avtex for being Gold Sponsors of this year’s #CXDay #CXPA

Thank you to @medallia the platinum sponsor of #CXDay

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