***CXPA Company Celebrations on CX Day 2018***

Check out this collection of photos and Tweets featuring company celebrations from #CXDay 2017!

CX Day Share & Hear About Company Celebrations!

Celebrating CX Day within your organization is a great way to:

  • Create awareness of what customer experience is and what it means in the organization
  • Create awareness for what CX initiatives are underway
  • Create awareness of the governing CX body
  • Educate the experience framework (e.g., Forrester or Temkin framework – Customer Understanding, Measurement, Governance, Executive Commitment, etc.)
  • Celebrate customer experience successes
  • Thank people for their ongoing work to deliver great customer experiences

In case you missed it, listen to the 2016 celebration planning session below! Take some time to review EMC’s slides and get inspired for all the CX-related fun you can bring to your CX Day celebrations this year!

Company Celebration Ideas:

CX Day is the perfect chance to celebrate excellent customer experience. But where do you start? Browse our ideas for creating a memorable CX Day at your organization.

Day-Long CX Educational Series

  • Organize events around the framework and show what we do to gain customer understanding (e.g., research, VOC programs), designing around the customer experience, etc.
  • Go further and carry on the series for the whole week.

Customer Appreciation Events at your field offices or districts

  • Invite customers to come and celebrate the day with employees.
  • Go further and generate an educational program for both employees and customers to take advantage of.

Viral Recognition

  • Create a movement to flood the company with recognitions and rewards from top contributions, to customer service, to person who parked the furthest from the entrance.
  • Inspire and promote a colleague recognition initiative leading up to the day where each employee is encouraged to show recognition and/or gratitude to someone else in the company through their own creative way.

Customer Journey Visualization

  • Create a visualization of the current customer journey map.
  • Go further by sending employees on a “customer journey” and ask them to record their insights and takeaways.

“Invite the masses” to the CXDay.org Live Online Events

  • Facilitate a large enough space to broadcast some of the live online events like the webinar, panels and Twitter chats.
  • Go further by holding breakout discussion to talk about observations and lessons learned from the online sessions.

“Stress-less” Employee Value Opportunity

  • Provide on-site shoulder massage centers where employees can take a break for 10 minutes and receive a shoulder massage.
  • Go further with this by providing a recorded, fun message about the company’s customer experience that employees listen to on headphones while enjoying the massage. “Sit down and soak up the Customer Experience”