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Celebrating CX Day within your organization is a great way to:


  • Create awareness of:
    • What customer experience is and what it means in the organization
    • Each employee’s role in creating a great customer experience
    • What CX initiatives are underway in your company
  • Celebrate customer experience successes
  • Thank people for their ongoing work to deliver great customer experiences

Company Celebration Ideas

CX Day is the perfect chance to celebrate excellent customer experience. But where do you start? Keep things small if this is your first (or second, or third) year! We will have plenty of content released on CX Day to keep you and your team busy, or you can take a look at the resources we have created to help you along. Browse our ideas below by category in order to create a memorable CX Day at your organization.

  • Reach out to your Marketing/PR departments for assistance.
    • They can help you track down approved logos and design internal assets highlighting your love for the customer. They may also have existing relationships with vendors and other partners whose sole job is to create trinkets and swag for these kinds of events.
  • Get a room!
    • Make sure you have a place to meet. You can also have a virtual meeting space if your team is remote.