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One of the best parts of CX Day is how far the Customer Experience celebration reaches – all over the world! Choose to view a Webinar, engage in a Twitter Conversation, or join a Panel Discussion – or all three – right from your seat! Get the full experience of CX Day without having to leave your office or home.

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7pm (Oct 4): Asia Pacific Panel
9am (Oct 5): Europe Panel
10am (Oct 5): Latin America Panel
11am (Oct 5): CX Day Keynote Webinar
3pm (Oct 5): Twitter Chat
4pm (Oct 5): North America East Panel
6pm (Oct 5): North America West Panel
6pm (Oct 4): Asia Pacific Panel
8am (Oct 5): Europe Panel
9am (Oct 5): Latin America Panel
10am (Oct 5): CX Day Keynote Webinar
2pm (Oct 5): Twitter Chat
3pm (Oct 5): North America East Panel
5pm (Oct 5): North America West Panel
4pm (Oct 4): Asia Pacific Panel
6am (Oct 5): Europe Panel
7am (Oct 5): Latin America Panel
8am (Oct 5): CX Day Keynote Webinar
12pm (Oct 5): Twitter Chat
1pm (Oct 5): North America East Panel
3pm (Oct 5): North America West Panel
8pm (Oct 4): Asia Pacific Panel
10am (Oct 5): Europe Panel
11am (Oct 5): Latin America Panel
12pm (Oct 5): CX Day Keynote Webinar
4pm (Oct 5): Twitter Chat
5pm (Oct 5): North America East Panel
7pm (Oct 5): North America West Panel
10am (Oct 5): Asia Pacific Panel
12am (Oct 6): Europe Panel
1am (Oct 6): Latin America Panel
2am (Oct 6): CX Day Keynote Webinar
6am (Oct 6): Twitter Chat
7am (Oct 6): North America East Panel
9am (Oct 6): North America West Panel
12am (Oct 5): Asia Pacific Panel
2pm (Oct 5): Europe Panel
3pm (Oct 5): Latin America Panel
4pm (Oct 5): CX Day Keynote Webinar
8pm (Oct 5): Twitter Chat
9pm (Oct 5): North America East Panel
11pm (Oct 5): North America West Panel
3am (Oct 5): Asia Pacific Panel
5pm (Oct 5): Europe Panel
6pm (Oct 5): Latin America Panel
7pm (Oct 5): CX Day Keynote Webinar
11pm (Oct 5): Twitter Chat
12am (Oct 6): North America East Panel
2am (Oct 6):  North America West Panel


CX Day 2016 – Keynote Webinar – CX from the CEO’s Point of View

Watch the recording here:

Topic: Leadership Buy-in

Abstract: What does your CEO think of CX?

We have assembled an incredible group of customer experience leaders for a special CX Day panel discussion on CX from the eyes of CEOs and C-Suite executives.  Hear firsthand from Walker CEO, Steve Walker as he shares newly gathered insights from more than 400 CEOs on their perspectives of customer experience and how they weigh business decisions in today’s customer-centric environment.  Our panel of CEOs and Chief Customer Officers will discuss this new research and how their individual experiences relate.  We’ll also hear the latest from more than 400 CX professionals and CXPA members to understand their perspective on executive engagement and what support they need from their organization’s leaders.

Join us to better understand the CEO’s perspective and learn how you can garner their support to bring about CX change and adoption within your organization.

Twitter Conversation

Twitter Chat

Broadcast Time: 3 PM ET, October 5, 2016
12 PM PT / 2 PM CT / 4 PM BRT / 8 PM BST / 11 PM GST / 6 AM (Oct 6) AET

Topic: The Future of Customer Experience

Join Ian Golding, CCXP and Annette Franz, CCXP as we discuss how Customer Experience has developed and matured as a discipline over the past 5 years and where we expect it to go in the future. Stay tuned for the prearranged questions and join us in the conversation with #cxday.

Questions will be tweeted from: @CXPA_Assoc

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Twitter Chat Questions:

    Q1:  What has most surprised you with respect to how customer experience has been adopted as a discipline?
    Q2:  What concerns you with respect to the current buzz around customer experience?
    Q3: Why should customer experience be a recognized discipline?
    Q4: What is critical with respect to customer experience and building knowledge and experience in the discipline?
    Q5: What will be the most important aspect towards increased adoption of CX by worldwide organizations?
    Q6: What do you foresee will be the utmost focus of CX 5 years down the road?
    Q7: Ideally what does the CX profession look like as it matures and develops as a discipline?

Need instructions on how to join the Twitter Chat? Find out here.

Panel Discussions

Asia-Pacific Online Panel

Watch the recording here:

Topic: Deploying CX Across the World: Cross-Cultural Challenges

Abstract: This globalized flat world is being resurfaced by the power of customers. All organisations are affected by the forces of globalization as their customers become are widely dispersed. We are now one 24/7 interconnected global village. Many organisations face the challenge of not being able to simply export their own, local country, CX practices and expect to see similar results.  What works in the US may not work in the UK. What makes sense in Singapore may not in Australia.

What should organisations do when they prepare to enter new overseas markets? How do CX practitioners deal with globalization? What do they adapt in their international markets?

Europe Online Panel

Watch the recording here:

Topic: Customer Experience: Beyond Optimisation, Towards Reinvention?

Abstract: The world entered a new era of revolution driven by huge technological, social and economic shifts. These shifts are beginning to redefine the way of doing business and there’s not smart switch business can use that propels it to the Jetsons! Optimising existing customer experiences may not be enough. Off-the-shelf Customer Experience solutions will only get you so far. Is it time to move beyond optimising what you have and focusing on reinventing the customer experience.

Latin America Online Panel

Watch the recording here:

Topic: Cultural Differences in CX and How People Adapt

Abstract: Customer Experience is an evolving area of focus. We have found that different cultures approach the topic somewhat differently based on how their country’s local practices and how customers are accustomed to interacting with companies. This session will help attendees understand how other countries are approaching CX – defining it, managing and governing the experience and discussing different strategies and tactics. The outcome will be a broader understanding of CX and ideas around how others approach it.

North America East Online Panel

Watch the recording here:

Topic: B2B Topics: CX as a Practice

Abstract: The journey you have been working on to transform your company’s customer experience has great potential. Customer experience (CX) is at the center of everything we do, from the moment customer researches about our products and services, to the moment they want to purchase our service, how we sell, how we talk to customers, how we simply and promptly answer their questions.

Parlay those CX techniques, learnings, and best practices into invaluable offerings and interactions with your customers. Join this online panel to hear from both CX practitioners and providers who are using strategies to help their customers deliver a better customer experience. Of course, there’s the “up-sell” angle that such an approach enables, but this is more about extending CX practices across your industry, learning from one another, working collaboratively with your customers, and investing in relationships with them that will reap long-term benefits.

Key takeaways:

  • Hear from companies who are doing it: Partnering with their customers to deliver a better customer experience
  • Learn the common themes providers see when they talk to businesses about why they need a CX strategy, and discuss methods to combat resistance to the importance/ROI of CX.
  • Understand the pros and cons of building a CX team from within your company vs. leveraging external consultants
  • Consider the role that a customer-centric practice plays as a foundational component of making this shift.
  • You’re already “doing CX” at your company to improve the experience, learn how to extend that to help your customers do it

Question #1: What are the biggest and most common roadblocks to create a customer centric culture?
Question #2: What are some of the key CX Metrics that could be implemented from the start when launching a CX practice? How to tie them to the business goals?
Question #3: What are some best practices to gain Executive support and engagement from the start?

North America West Online Panel

Watch the recording here:

Topic: Design and Innovation

Abstract: CEO’s today are looking for innovation and new ways to deepen engagement with customers. The right customer experience doesn’t just happen; it should be carefully designed and orchestrated throughout your organization. Which is why customer experience design is a critical capability, whether you’re focused on incremental experience improvements or transformative change.
Simply stated, customer experience design is a repeatable process that incorporates the needs of customers, your stakeholders, and employees to solve business and customer opportunities. Our panel will help you better understand experience design, how it can accelerate business value and where you can get started. We will give real world examples and share sources of inspiration and tools to help you get started or deepen your design capabilities.

Key Takeaways:
•    The meaning of “design thinking” including what it is, what it isn’t, and what it means to customer experience designers
•    The power of an aligned brand and customer experience strategy to inform design
•    Actionable frameworks you can use to design experiences
•    Tools of the trade: The artifacts, inputs, processes and methodologies that will help you guide, defend, and deliver great experience design

Question #1: Why is design so important and what are its benefits?
Question #2: What impact has design on specific projects, your culture and your brand?
Question #3: What are some ways I can get started learning and embedding design into my brand?

Need instructions on how to participate in the Panel Discussions? Find out here.

Featured Online Events

Live Webinar

What type of Customer Experience leader are you?

When: Oct 05 2016; 4:00 pm UK time

Presenter: Natasha Holroyde, Product Marketing Manager, NICE

Description of Event: Celebrate CX Day with us, and learn how you can be the CX change agent within your organization. Which CX persona are you? Join us for this webinar, in which we will present the different CX personas. Gain insight into the characteristics, working demeanour and CX perspective of each. Take our quiz to find out which CX persona you are, and to understand those areas where you can help to lead and support the CX program within your organization.

Featured Authorized Resources and Trainings

CXPA-sponsored Webinar

Topic: Cross Cultural Issues in CX
Host: CXU
Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Time: 7 AM ET
Location: Online
Panel participants: Join Mohamed Latib, CXU Founder and CEO, as he moderates the discussion. CXU International Partner, CRMA Asia, will also be represented on the panel
More details:
Other offerings:

  • Get a FREE Practice Test for the CCXP Certification exam
    • CXU prepares professionals for CCXP certification with the Knowledge Bank practice tests
    • Get a FREE practice test that covers all 6 Core-Content Areas
  • View a new Infographic depicting the latest empirical research showing the importance of the Customer Experience discipline.
  • Get HALF OFF the CXU Online Course Bundle
    • Get started with CXU’s comprehensive Online Courses, gain expertise in the 6-Core Competencies of CX, and connect with a virtual CX community
    • Save 50% until October 31st by using the promo code ‘openhouse2016’ when shopping here:
  • Go to for access to the promos and follow @cxuniversity for CX Day tweets and updates!

CCXP Competencies Course

Topic: Integrating the 6 CCXP Competencies
Host: ClearAction
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Time: 8-9 pm US Eastern time (5-6 pm US Pacific time) (8-9 am Oct 13th Tokyo time)
Early Bird deadline: October 8, 2016
Location: Online
Price: FREE on 10/12; recording is for purchase after 10/12

More Info

CCXP Exam Prep Course

Topic: In-Person CCXP Exam Prep Course
Host: ClearAction
Date: Thursday or Friday, November 3 or 4, 2016
Early Bird deadline: October 8, 2016
Location: San Jose, California
Price: $695 full price, Early Bird price $495 Code: CXDAY

More Info

CX Workshop

Topic: Preparation for the CCXP Exam
Host: Customer Experience Magazine
Date: Wed, Nov 16
Early Bird deadline: Fri Oct 28
Location: Central London
Price: £595 full price, Early Bird price £395

More Info

The CXPA’s Authorized Resource & Training Provider (ART) program provides educational resources and training for the six competencies found on the CCXP exam. These external programs aim to help CCXP candidates become versed in the competencies through various learning methods and channels, including Instructor-led, eLearning and webinars. You will have the opportunity to choose the education and learning source that is right for you. Use this tool to become a CCXP exam expert!

Learn More

How to Join a Twitter Chat

Before the Chat:
-Log in to your Twitter account. If you don’t have one, you can easily sign up for a free account.
-Approximately ten minutes before the event starts, do a search in the top right hand corner of the page for #CXDay to view tweets from the moderator and other participants before the chat starts. When anyone tweets with the hashtag #CXDay, it will be visible when you search for and follow the hashtag.
-Consider following the moderator’s Twitter account. Available Twitter handles for moderators are posted above.
-Consider using to more easily follow the discussion using the hashtag. This feature is also available in apps like HootSuite, TweetDeck and other similar Twitter apps. These modes will automatically include the hashtag into your tweets.

During the Chat:
-The moderator’s questions will be tagged numerically. For example, the first question will be tagged Q1, the second question will be tagged Q2, and so on. When you respond to a particular question, use A1 to indicate you are answering Question 1, A2 to indicate you are answering Question 2, and so on.
-The moderator will guide the discussion and keep the conversation on track.
-If you are participating from within Twitter, be sure to add #CXDay to your response.
-If you’d like to direct a question or response to a particular person, you can do that by including their Twitter handle (for example, @CXPA_Assoc) in your Tweet.
-When using the hashtag, stay on topic. If you want to go off-topic with another participant, you can do so by tweeting directly to them using their handle.
-There are different ways to participate. You can simply watch the conversation unfold, or jump in whenever you’d like. If you are jumping in late, please be sure to check and see what has already been discussed so you can avoid repeating earlier topics.
-Share, share, share! This is a time to network, connect with like-minded professionals, to be heard and to listen. Favorite, retweet and respond to posts that interest you. And have fun!

How to Participate in a Panel Discussion

Panel discussions will be 30 minutes long. The first 10 minutes will be spent on a “getting started” discussion for beginning CX professionals, followed by a 5-minute audience Q&A session. The remaining time will be devoted to 10 minutes of “energizing discussion” for experienced CX professionals, followed by a 5-minute audience Q&A session.

During the panels, you will be able to see the moderator and panelists, and you will be able to type your questions in the GoToWebinar chat log.

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