Thank you to all who participated in CX Day 2017 – it was a huge success!
Save the date for CX Day 2018 and celebrate with us on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

CX Day is an opportunity for your company to take a breather, refresh and recommit to the customer experience and celebrate the customer love in your company. And we’ve compiled all your CX Day-related social media needs in one place! Be sure to connect with us on our pages listed below, then take a look at the hashtags, posts and images you can use to create a “buzz” around CX Day. Feel free to customize your posts so your networks can learn about your personal ties to CX Day and how you and your company will be celebrating the big day.

2017: Featured CX Day Ten Minute Takeaways

Downloadable Materials


These logos can be used on your CX Day materials to indicate your participation in the international CX Day event and raise awareness of your organization’s commitment to the customer experience.

CX Day Logo

Social Media Badge

I Heart Customers Logo
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Signs to Print, Customize, Photograph & Share!:

We Heart BecauseI Heart Customers Heart Customers


CX Day One-pager

Benefits of CXPA Membership

Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) Program

Wall of Praise:

Wall Of Praise Template

Staff Shoutout Template

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CX Day LNE Powerpoint Event Slides

CX Day Powerpoint Slide Template

Event Press Release Template

Web + Social Media

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Shareable Social Media Images

Buzz Kit

Download our social media buzz kit to view all suggested social media posts and related graphics. Help us generate a “buzz” around CX Day – and feel free to personalize your posts to highlight what CX Day means to you!

Suggested Tweets

  • I’m participating in #CXday with @CXPA_Assoc. How are you celebrating? #CXPA
  • #CXDay is a global celebration of companies & professionals that create great customer experiences. Find out how to join in:
  • I’m celebrating #CXDay in celebration of exceptional customer experience! Are you? Find out how here #CXPA
  • I can’t wait to connect, share & learn with #CX professionals at #CXday on October 3! Find out how to join me!
  • Looking for opportunities to connect, share & learn with other #CX professionals? Join us at #CXDay!
  • What does excellent #custexp look like to you? Let us know in honor of #CXDay! #CXPA
  • “Every company (and employee) should embrace Customer Experience Day.” –Lynn Hunsaker @clearaction #CXDay
  • @btemkin feels #CXDay is about “creating a lot of positive energy” from CX professionals around the world. What does #CXDay mean to you?
  • Stumped on how to celebrate #CXDay at your company? Look for some examples of how #cx was celebrated in the past
  • #CXDay at your company can be as small as peer-to-peer gratitude notes or as big as a carnival. More past examples:
  • Does your company love #CX as much as we do? Show your support and become a sponsor of #CXDay today
  • We are excited to be a part of #CXDay as a sponsor. Only — more days until the big day!


Official CX Day 2018 hashtags: #CXDay, #CXDay2018, #CXPA

Suggested Facebook / LinkedIn Posts for CX Day 2017

  • Let’s celebrate exceptional customer experience! Join us as we connect with and learn from other customer experience professionals at CX Day on October 3, 2017.
  • CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. We are joining in and you can too! Find out more and find the inspiration for your company’s celebration!
  • I celebrate exceptional customer service because it is important to me and my business. Why do you celebrate? Share your inspiration and join in CX Day on October 3rd
  • CX Day is an opportunity to share, connect and learn with my peers in customer experience. Join me on October 3rd for a day of celebrating customer experience!
  • Commitment to exceptional customer service deserves celebration! Don’t forget CX Day is October 3rd. Head to on-site events across the world or join in virtually. Find out how:
  • Sheryl Warren, VP at New York Life Insurance Company, sees CX Day as a “company-wide effort to acknowledge individuals who create exceptional experiences” for their customers. What does CX Day mean to you?
  • Stumped on how your company can celebrate CX Day? Read some examples of how customer experience was celebrated in the past:
  • CX Day at your company can be as small as peer-to-peer gratitude notes or as big as a carnival. Continue reading examples from past CX Day company celebrations:
  • Show your support for CX Day by sharing an image or adding the CX Day logo to your email signature! Find out more ways to digitally dress up your social media in preparation for CX Day:
  • We celebrate CX Day at our company because we understand that an everyday commitment to customer experience excellence is worth mentioning. Don’t miss out on your chance to join in the celebrations. Find one near you or join in online
  • We sponsor CX Day because we believe an everyday commitment to customer experience is something to celebrate. Tell us how you commit to customer experience and join in on the conversation!
  • No CX Day celebrations near you? No problem! I’m attending CX Day online to celebrate commitment to customer experience. You can, too:

Blog Post: “5 Reasons Why I Love Customer Experience Day” by Bruce Temkin.

Bruce Temkin’s blog post breaks down his five reasons for loving CX Day, and why other CX-focused professionals should, too. Mr. Temkin’s blog post is useful in rounding up the variety of ways to participate in CX Day and how to make the most of what the day has to offer. Share the post with your company and on social media so your network can see what CX Day is all about.