Thank you to all who participated in CX Day 2017 – it was a huge success!
Save the date for CX Day 2018 and celebrate with us on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

CX Day is an opportunity for your company to take a breather, refresh and recommit to the customer experience and celebrate the customer love in your company. And we’ve compiled all your CX Day-related social media needs in one place! Be sure to connect with us on our pages listed below, then take a look at the hashtags, posts and images you can use to create a “buzz” around CX Day. Feel free to customize your posts so your networks can learn about your personal ties to CX Day and how you and your company will be celebrating the big day.


Downloadable Materials


These logos can be used on your CX Day materials to indicate your participation in the international CX Day event and raise awareness of your organization’s commitment to the customer experience.

CX Day Logo

Social Media Badge
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I Heart Customers Logo
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We Heart Customers Logo
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Social Media

Buzz Kit

Download our social media buzz kit to view all suggested social media posts and related graphics. Help us generate a “buzz” around CX Day – and feel free to personalize your posts to highlight what CX Day means to you!

  • I’ll be celebrating #CXDay2018 with my local CXPA network! Will you be celebrating the day?
  • I’m going to CXPA (city’s) local event on October 2 for the great networking and professional development opportunity. Find an event near you on the events calendar at, and join the #CXDay2018 buzz.
  • No CXPA local network near you? No problem. Check out the virtual #CXDay2018 events on
  • My company celebrates #CXDay2018 because we understand that an everyday commitment to customer experience excellence is worth celebrating. Join us!
  • Our company is a #CXDay2018 sponsor because we believe a commitment to customer experience excellence is something to celebrate. How will you be celebrating on October 2?
  • It’s almost that time again! #CXDay2018 is October 2, 2018. Our local network (or company) is already making plans to celebrate the day. What are your plans? has ideas, if you need them!
  • Join me on October 2, 2018 for CXPA (city’s) local networking event. It’s a #CXDay2018 celebration with great networking and info on the latest trends in the CX profession.
  • I just signed up for CXPA (city’s) local CX Day celebration October 2. How will you be celebrating #CXDay2018? If you’d like to find an event near you, or an online event, check out the events calendar at
#CXDay2018 is the preferred hashtag for CX Day 2018. We invite you to use the hashtag on your social posts before, during, and after CX Day! Using the hashtag helps everyone find and amplify posts about CX Day 2018.

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