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Countdown to CX Day 2018

Wednesday, September 26

Countdown to CX Day: Twitter Chat/#CXChat

When: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PT)

Where: Twitter

#CXChat is a live, weekly online Twitter chat hosted by Annette Franz and Sue Duris. During the September 26, 2018 chat, as part of the countdown to #CXDay2018, the conversation will center on professional development for CX professionals. You can access the Twitter chat by searching for the #CXChat hash tag on the day and time noted above.

The Twitter chat is a way to connect, learn, and share best practices from the field and practice of customer experience. Everyone is welcome to check it out and contribute to the conversation—not just for #CXDay2018, but almost every Wednesday, same place and time.
If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, see our step-by-step guide on getting involved here.


Annette Franz
Annette Franz, CCXP
Founder and CEO, CX Journey Inc.

Sue Duris
Sue Duris
President, M4 Communications

Countdown to CX Day: CX Professional Development
(Asia Pacific Region)

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.5 CEUs available

The role of the CX Practitioner has evolved over the years, from the isolated few who started the movement, to an orchestra of practitioners who continue to build and sustain great experiences. But, what does it take to maintain the expertise, skill and momentum for a profession and discipline that is stated as the key differentiator companies will compete in in the future?

Please join moderator Anita Siassios, CCXP (Australia) with panelists: Catherine Thomas, Customer Success Lead at Microsoft (Australia), Jane Treadwell-Hoye, CCXP, Customer Experience Design Catalyst at Z Energy NZ (New Zealand) and Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer at Pizza Hut (Singapore) to share with us:

  • How they have proactively managed their professional development plans throughout their career or in their current role
  • What tools or resources they recommend for an effective professional development plan
  • What they know now about professional development they wish they knew when they first started their career

Moderated by:

Anita Siassios

Anita Siassios, CCXP, Founder of ManagingCX


Troy Barnes

Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer at Pizza Hut

Catherine Thomas

Catherine Thomas, Customer Success Lead at Microsoft

Jane Treadwell-Hoye

Jane Treadwell-Hoye, CCXP, Customer Experience Design Catalyst at Z Energy NZ

Countdown to CX Day: Adding Value – The Benefits of the CCXP Designation
(Middle East Region)

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.5 CEUs available

Please view this webinar to discover the value of taking CCXP certification and the impacts it delivers for CX professionals. We will be hosting a panel discussion with 3 industry recognized experts in the field of CX.

Moderated by:

Guneet Singh

Guneet Singh, Director Customer Experience Programs at DocuSign


Pierre El Khoury

Pierre El Khoury, Independent L&D Professional

Ian Golding

Ian Golding, CEO and Founder at Customer Experience Consultancy

Bala Murthy

Bala Murthy, Business Director, CRM & CX Practice at Jacobsons Direct

Countdown to CX Day: Taking the Next Step in Your CX Career

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.5 CEUs available

Join Stephanie Thum, CCXP with guest Chris Rios of Blue Rock Search for a 30-minute discussion on how to take the next steps in your CX career. We will explore:

  • What’s changed in the business landscape for aspiring CX professionals over the past year?
  • How are CX roles evolving?
  • What new skills are being sought after by companies searching for CX talent?
  • What is the significance of the CCXP credential in finding career opportunities?
  • How should CX pros navigate the “long game” in their careers?

Chris Rios is a member of CXPA and founding partner of Blue Rock Search where he also serves as CX practice leader. We are thrilled to have Chris’ expertise and specialized insights on how CX professionals can think about developing their careers.

Moderated by:

Stephanie Thum

Stephanie Thum, CCXP, Executive Strategist at CXPA

Guest speaker:

Chris Rios

Chris Rios, CX Practice Leader at Blue Rock Search

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